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Chisto Kristo

A car is the mirror of the soul.

It doesn't matter if you wash your car yourself or use any car wash services, you keep the car clean. The lux class products & services centers of the Chisto Kristo trademark help to make your car mirror-polished clean.

The visual identity of the Chisto Kristo brand is based on exclusivity which is conveyed via the metaphor “mirror-like, mirror-polished clean”.

Any object can be branded: reflective clothing of employees, mirrored elements of interior and navigation, chrome accessories or foil details of souvenir products. Now everything that has a mirror finish will resemble the image of Chisto Kristo.

Chisto Kristo – mirrorry clean. 

  • LogoLounge Book 11 Winner

2018 Moscow, Kaliningrad, Russia
In Agency:
Success Lab