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SintezOKA ReBranding

Nowadays Sintez OKA LTD is a modern manufacturing company that:
- makes and sells 43,000 tons of products a year;
- occupies 60% of the Russian ethanol amine market;
- exports 18,000 tons of products a year.
The Company manufacturing complex includes several production plants employing over 600 people. The total complex floor space is 48,000 square meters. Sintez OKA LLC is the leading Russian chemical company in the amine market. The Company constantly works on expanding its production capacity and building new production facilities. Most manufacturing lines are built according to the variable-mission system principle and can support manufacturing of dozens of products meeting both operating standards and specific consumer requirements. Our partnership with the leading companies prove that all the products of Sintez OKA LLC meet the international quality standards.

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2012 Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia
For an Agency: Peremena
Co-owners: Vera Milko,
Tatyana Rybets