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Rebranding: new perspectives in the new image

Any company management comes up against the rebranding necessity.

If you are planning to:

  • develop your brand occupying new markets and attracting new audience;
  • update your style adding new nuances to your image;
  • create the news occasion making people speak about you then you can solve all these problems with rebranding.

Examples of successful rebranding

  • Marlboro was first positioning itself as a manufacturer of ladies’ cigarettes. But women didn’t like this product and they decided to start the rebranding to refocus the product for men-customers.
  • The following world-known brands like Apple Inc., Coca-Cola, Google, Starbucks and others regularly redesign their logo. At the same time, their logo restyling always strengthens their position in the market.
  • We can also consider the leading Russian mobile communication providers like Beeline and MTS rebranding successful. As the result, their sales share increased greatly.

Their experience is worth studying.

Don’t be scared of experiments!

Before a developing company enters the world market it can come across the necessity of repeated changes in their corporate style. The current brand-book undergoes partial or complete updating aiming at attracting more customers. The trademark professional rebranding process takes into consideration all the mistakes and deficiencies of the previous corporate brand design. The basis of the company rebranding always lies in deep analysis of the brand-book influence over the customers’ choice and studying the customers’ psychology.

Both the brand image concept and specific brand-book elements undergo the rebranding process that includes:

  • logo redesign;
  • changing the color palette used in the company’s corporate style;
  • selection of fonts and symbols contributing to fixing of the link between the external markers and the brand reliability in the customers’ mind, etc.

If your brand-book is not effective enough – put yourself in the hands of the professionals!

Update intelligently!

If your business is not developing it’s going to die. If your company remains competitive within a long period of time, has a long list of loyal customers and stable income but at the same time it makes no headway going around in circles you’d better think about rebranding. In this case, the image strategy should be changed very carefully.

Professional trademark rebranding allows you to avoid unwanted effects and errors (loss of business, falling incomes, etc.) and will help to improve the brand reputation in the market attracting new customers and increasing the rating and earnings. The company rebranding should take into consideration all the previous successful experience of the current brand-book.

Let people talk!

When bringing a new product or service into the market and trying to get the new target group interested, you can attract potential customers’ attention by rebranding. The brand-book updating will remind the present customers about you and strengthen your positions in the market.

Logo restyling is one of the key steps of your image strategy changes. Professions approach to the logo modernization is notable for caution, care and diligence and the final result will make your brand extremely popular.

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