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Corporate style is your individual image in the market

Corporate style is not just the company’s logo and colors. It’s a complete image allowing to determine belonging of any element to this or that specific brand.

On the one hand, corporate style allows to stand out among your competitors. On the other hand, it makes both your product and any information coming from you recognizable.

The logo is placed on each and all the documents and materials, so, your partners will always find your document in the heap of the similar ones.

The branded package will distinguish your product among the similar ones and a loyal customer will reach his or her hand for a well-known box automatically.

The corporate clothes style will add respectable and business-like appearance to your staff.

Style is not so easy

Corporate style embraces everything belonging to or associating with your brand; thus, its design implies that the style elements will be used in different situations including the interior design, souvenirs, party decorations, printed advertising materials, interactive media, etc.

A designer should understand all the peculiarities of the corporate style design as well as have the practical graphic designing skills.

Style is the state of mind

The company’s corporate style is like an individual clothes style: it’s one of the ways to provide the information about your company to your potential customers and partners. But everything your put into your corporate style will not necessarily be expressively perceived and interpreted by the others.

For example, a girl in sexy attire and bright makeup tries to create a sexy image but we may see it as a vulgar woman of pleasure.

You would like your corporate documents to arise confidence in your respectability and reliability with your partners, but wrong accents and inharmonious style can make your company funny and tasteless for them.

You logo can arrest your attention and be remembered in a moment … as an awkward gaudy picture. And the branded package may arouse the wish to make a picture of it and publish it on the gag website instead of buying the product.

You can try to trust your own taste to avoid major style mistakes. But an inexperienced or badly-trained specialist cannot feel all these subtleties especially when we speak about the biased one (as you have already formed your company’s positive image in your mind).

Be serious when getting down to creating the corporate style: be sure to apply for a professional that has already “dressed” many successful brands.

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