Ульянов Денис

Ульянов Денис

Hi, I am an independent logo designer and international level branding specialist. I have been leading large projects on creating logos and corporate identity since 2006. Also I develop guidelines and brand books for new projects and do rebranding and restyling for active brands as well.

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10 prominent Russian designers. ADME.RU"

In recent years, design in our country is in good condition. From year to year you can see more interesting works, new talents and festival winnings among the mass of dull ugliness. But many clients and agencies continue to have difficulties with the choice of a good designer for their projects.

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Baker's dozen of Russian design"

The fifth issue of the LogoLounge’s design bestseller has presented a handsdown-great collection of new works: 2,000 logos from designers all over the world. The book opens up with an inspiring series of case studies from world design and branding leaders, such as Lippincott, Felix Sockwell, Fragile, Cato Purnell, Chermayeff & Geismar, Mattson Creative, Moving Brands, Origin Communications and Hulsbosch.

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Publication in Pixel Arts"

Pixel Arts is a graphic design magazine. A global overview of the most recent and extraordinary works in the field of graphic design, animation and VFX-projects (visual effects for cinema and TV) is given on the pages of the monthly electronic publication. The March issue of the magazine, which is remaining true to its slogan «We upgrade your creativity» and which mentioned such names as BBDO (NY) and Saatchi & Saatchi (LA) on its pages, presented some works of a Russian designer.

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Russia’s best advert designers"

ADME.RU one of the most reputable advertisement portals according to professionals has ventured another mission impossible: the firm has put together a rated list of Russia’s best advert designers.

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Interview at logolounge.com 2008"

The European design gurus have come to acknowledge that they will have to free a niche in the temple of fame in world advertisement. The creativity growth and potential of Russian designers cannot be neglected anymore.

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  • 2007 - Membership in the Union of Designers of Russia (МС № 3139)
  • 2008 - Interview at logolounge.com
  • 2008 - Interview to CompuArt magazine
  • 2008 - Interview at Advertka.ru
  • 2009 - Interview to ADME.RU
  • 2009 - Interview at Gamma Identity
  • 2009 - Interview at Logobank.ru
  • 2009 - Master class on design. freelance-school.ru
  • 2009 - Top designers Russia. And masters of change. ADME.RU
  • 2012 - 10 prominent Russian designers. ADME.RU

Years of practical and theoretical activity have helped me to accumulate a solid knowledge base on brand visual strategy. The works from my portfolio can be seen on the pages of the leading reputable publications and web portals as an example of high-quality design.

Publications List

Cooperating with an experienced individual designer you will find a good alternative to large advertising and branding companies, because:

  1. There is no responsibility shifting. Only one person is responsible for your project.
  2. Nobody trains novice designers at your expense. (за ваш счет)
  3. 100% of the time is devoted to your project.
  4. You entrust the budget to the particular person. You have a possibility to control the working process on your project.
  5. The price for individual designer services is more affordable than the price for companies’ ones which employ a staff of qualified specialists.

As I’m a freelancer there are a lot of leading companies and branding agencies from Germany, USA, China, UAE, Romania, Russia and other countries in the list of my clients. You are welcome.

Denis Ulyanov,
Assistant Professor, Department of Engineering Graphics and Design,
Tula State University


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