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Logo design: implementing your brand idea

Logo is a font or graphic image that is the main visual brand symbol and its identification sign. For every brand, its logo is its advertising to the best advantage.

Designer’s logos can look like an image depicting something easy to recognize (like a thing, an animal or a human being) or be an abstract combination of figures and lines. Many companies choose some special brand name spelling for an advertising logo.

At first glance, a logo with the design price of up to several dozens of dollars can look like a usual letter combination or a geometric figure.

But it’s just the first and rather inattentive glance.

Even the most ordinary geometric logo needs hard work. When designing a logo, you should take into consideration many peculiarities like the line width and the harmony of form and space that make your future brand appearance easy to recognize and original with its overall simplicity as well as trustworthy, respectable, producing the right impression and arousing the right associations.

Logos and ideology

The image you are going to make your company’s face should reflect your company’s ideology and the core of its business.

The tourist web-site logo should remind us of rest and relaxation, warmth, sun, entertainment and new impressions.

Technical logos usually include the symbols of science, technology and engineering constructions and are often chosen by the companies working in these areas and trying to recommend themselves as the specialist going deep inside their work.

Font logos are as such specifically written brand names. With the correct font consideration, well-selected form and accurate letter-collocation, they can reflect your feelings and state of mind as well as arouse a wide range of emotions.

Logos and emotions

Advertising experts know that forms and colors can influence the people’s mood: some special images can associate with the qualities and characteristics transferred from the picture to the idea they implement. For example: a bear is associated with power, strength and domination, thus, the logo using this picture will add these qualities to the company’s image.

If the company’s website logo should associate with reliability, stability and power then simple and strict geometric forms and corresponding images are selected for it.

Logo and advertising

Large companies can afford themselves to use general abstract ideas or just their brand name spelling when designing their logo.

The logos for advertising new products and services that are just appearing in the market should orient the customer at first sight: what kind of product it is and what it can bring to the life of a potential customer.


The company’s logo will be found on packages, sign-boards, marketing and advertising materials, documents and business cards, on all the corporate products, in different places and conditions, in different environment, on various material objects (business cards, booklet pages, PC and TV screens, etc.).

A designer will take all these peculiarities into consideration when implementing the logo idea. Creating a visual identification mark that will harmoniously enter any environment cannot be easy no matter how easy the brand may seem.

All these nuances are taken into account when designing the logo and lack of attention to the smallest detail in facing, emotional load, element arrangement or color patterns will surely influence your company’s image in the future. You logo price is the cost of your future reputation.

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