Ульянов Денис



The SNRG Group is a company that provides full array of engineering services for industrial sites.

The task was to develop a logo that would represent the position the company intends to hold in the engineering market, having come here in earnest and for a long time.

Solution. The static massive lettering gives the symbol the necessary solidness and, on the emotional side of it, a sense of reliability. Added in is the plasticity that purports dynamics and dash, which are there as a result of a synergetic effect. A process of merging in is also being emphasized by the spiral-shaped decorative components. The graphics exposes a radiation and shine that the symbol seems to exhale. This in turn is a nod to the energy theme and also an image-constituting component of the symbol, standing for the clear trace that the company leaves behind.

2013 Bryansk, Russia

Awards and publications

  • Branding Served Behance

  • Logobaker Book 1

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