Ульянов Денис



Coffee Shop Calypso makes coffee, creates the atmosphere that gives emotions. It’s a conceptual place with professional approach to questions of taste as well as aftertaste from coming here.

The task is to make a logo that doesn’t say just “Here you can drink coffee”, but a logo that says “It’s the very Place to drink coffee” – right place from the capital letter.

Solution. Galera is the ancestor of Galleons – the ships on which new lands were discovered and the first arteries of commerce were built. First coffee beans were brought to Europe on these very ships. And galley was the very ship on which Odysseus went to journey when he met Calypso.

Cup is an important attribute of coffee ceremonial. Each type of voyage requires a certain type of ship as well as each beverage requires a certain cup.

2013 Belgorod, Russia

Awards and publications

  • LogoLounge Book 8

  • The World's Best Graphics. CHOI'S GALLERY

  • LogoLounge Book 9

  • Logobaker Book 1

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