Ульянов Денис

First Deposit Bank

First Deposit Bank

“Fist Deposit” Bank performs tailor-made service of the citizens offering the whole range of finance services. At present, the bank is expanding and establishing itself at the national market. It is now planning to gain a leading position in saving and accumulating the customers’ finances.

Task. Creating the image of a serious trustworthy bank holding responsibility for every single penny of a client.
Unlike some big banks, being a bank which is precise and adaptable to streamlined methods and presenting a clear scheme of dealing and custom – tailored approach.

Solution. The sign (brand) represents a static device with a square as its basis – a solid stable figure, symbolizing solidity and reliability. A coin standing on its edge within the square tends to be a deep and meaningful metaphor. It stands for both - transparency and a slot in a cash machine, also symbolizes a digital item (the leading position).

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