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STEP ReBranding

STEP ReBranding

 STEP group encompasses over a dozen different business lines, the key ones centering around the design and construction of cold-storage terminals, mall storage units and equipment. The group is one of the leaders in its field and has a huge experience there. Initiative and innovation are broadly welcome in the group.

At the present stage the company’s high reputation lets STEP choose the tasks it wants to tackle and the clients it wants to deal with. More often these are complex technology-consuming projects, which are good to reconfirm the company’s leadership, make full use of the potential accumulated, making impossible possible and, with that, lifting up to a new rung of the ladder of the profession’s perfection.

Task. The task was to develop a logo that would fit to reflect the whole multi-faceted character of the company, as well as its initiativity and scale, and would become the visual expression of the group’s strategic values.

The purpose of the repositioning is to come about a worthy visual representation against the background of the company’s foreign colleagues and partners, which also serves to raise the level of the corporate ethics and intracorporate culture.

The company already has a logo that it has been using for over 10 years yet its design does not reflect the dynamics of the changes that have taken place in the company: the ten-year-old image has remained at the stage of a larva, whereas the group has grown up into a ‘butterfly’ in the meantime.


  • Eugene Kostsov
  • Yulia Malanina

2010 Moscow, Russia

Awards and publications

  • LogoLounge Book 8

  • Dynamic Logo & Identity Design. Dopress Books. China

  • Logobaker Book 1

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