Ульянов Денис



Task. Design a logo for Woolcano, the brand of handmade knitted accessories. You should show our product’s exclusivity and avoid using the stereotype of perception knitted things by hand as homemade crafts.

Solution. The graphics of a laconic monogram is not just a collective metaphor for such concepts as needles, wool fluff, circuit pattern, a volcanic mountain peak. The graphics, first of all, should convey the brand’s artistic value via its ethnic style. Being like ethnic patterns which present the collective folk epic and reflect people’s originality, thus using of this artistic technique in the logo emphasizes the author's personality, his unique approach to work when the searching of a form or a color palette is scooped not out of a fashion magazine but through the inspiration of architecture and painting masterpieces.


2014 Transylvania, Romania

Awards and publications

  • Branding Served Behance

  • LogoLounge Book 9

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