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Bankhaus Erbe AG

Bankhaus Erbe AG

Background. Bankhaus Erbe AG is a company that specializes in private banking. This type of banking services is pretty common in the West but in Russia it is only in the starts. The key notion in the business of the company is management of family capital.

Task. Create a logo that would speak of the values embedded in the concept of ‘private banking’, contribute to a formation of a mental image and memorization of the trademark and enhance clientele loyalty.

Solution. A coat of arms is one of the best-known and convincing means of showing hereditary identification. Using it as the cornerstone for the logo will be perfect in getting across the key idea of the brand: heritage and family capital management. Use of a coat of arms will also tell positively on the company image because historically the right to grant or approve coats of arms has been an exclusive royal privilege and only few noble families were allowed to have their emblems.

In order to show continuity of the European banking tradition there are some symbols of the Western heraldic used in the image, such as a shield and a coronation crown.  These details also help bring about the right emotional and thematic associations: protection, preservation, security, leadership.

The abbreviated name of the company occupies the central, most honorable place in the shield. The two initial letters intertwine and form a monogram, which fact is to emphasize sophistication and tradition.

The symbols is supplemented with a descriptor, which is a status line that contains the full name of the company and its business. The font and the fact that the name is placed centrally with relation to the vertical axis bring in an additional stability and solidity to the logo.

2008 Moscow, Russia

Awards and publications

  • LogoLounge Book 5

  • LogoLounge Master Library Volume 1

  • Logobaker Book 1

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