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Max Valels Lab

Max Valels Lab

Max Valels Lab is a laboratory that creates nutriceutics (biological food additives), curative cosmetics and other products for healthy nutrition, all based on a combination of natural components and innovative technologies.

Task. Develop a logo that would embrace the full line-up of the products that the lab offers. The graphical symbol is to reflect the philosophy of the company: the synergy of natural resources and progressive technologies.

Solution. The graphical design is based upon a closed-circle linear ligature, its meaning being the harmonious and inseparable union of science and nature, the amalgamation that is the key tenet of the company’s business. The visual technique used – shape deflection – is an emotive and collective image, in which one can see virtually alchemical transformations of the various elements of the periodic table, the process whereby one aggregate state changes another, the beauty of the golden proportion, the plasticity of the shapes of flasks and test tubes.

The associativity of the symbol reflects well the multi-faceted and structured pattern of the company. The modernity behind the graphical rendition of the symbol is friendly to the desirable image of the brand, which is oriented towards innovations and scientific discoveries.

2009 Moscow, Russia

Awards and publications

  • LogoLounge Master Library Volume 3

  • Logobaker Book 1

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