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Strategic Music

Strategic Music

Strategic Music studio specializes in creating a musical and sound accompaniment for computer games.

Task. The logo was intended to reflect the company’s ability to produce unique musical images for games and do it with a true professionalism and spirit of creativity.

Solution. The design for this logo was based on the idea of a wing, which is a popular component in the symbolism used for chevrons and emblems. The image of a wing stands for a flight of imagination, freedom to create, top grade. With the graphics made of outlines and with the curves drawn quite plastically, one gets the feeling an exceptional lightness and airiness of the symbol, a feeling of soaring. The inner workings of the wing – the feathering – are designed to make an image of piano keys come out clearly. This likening of one to the other is natural and harmonious. Overall, the crispness and laconism of this logo, its dynamics and its directedness/drive are good epithets to describe the peculiar features of a strategic thinking.

2008 Moscow, Russia

Awards and publications

  • Logobaker Book 1

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