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Wit & Wis, a company offering integrated services to foreign and Russian corporate clients and individuals in legal, business and audit consulting.

Task. The company is trying to get onto a new level of its evolution and broaden its client base. The symbol is to reflect the professionalism of the company, its possibilities in tackling tasks of any complexity and embed a feeling of trust and reliability in the company’s potential clients.

Solution. Wit & Wis — Wit & Wisdom. The direct message wrapped in the very name of the company is supplemented by a strong associational component of the graphical symbol. The shape of the chess knight brings in elements of logic, analytical thinking, capability of calculating several steps ahead, guess the maneuvers the adversary may have in stock. Indeed, it is an important quality in a lawyer to be able to tack, find bypass ways and not ram forward undaunted. A knight’s move is a set expression which is the best there is to describe the tactics of a good lawyer.

Emotionally, the symbol is pretty balanced. The chess theme comes to the forefront: the knight element includes carefully interwoven symbols of justice: balance and judge’s seal.

The staid geometry of the shapes, the careful proportions, the internal rhythm of the symbol combined with its red colour together create a sensation of stability, of a Swiss quality and a conviction that when you are with this company you are on a horse, so to say.

2008 Moscow, Russia

Awards and publications

  • LogoLounge Master Library Volume 2

  • Logobaker Book 1

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